Thrive Engineer Announced by Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes Announces “Thrive Engineer”

Thrive Themes announced today that the beta version of “Thrive Engineer” will release to interested parties on July 25th. Thrive is calling their new Theme Builder a brand new product that replaces your WordPress theme…and is “not a plugin.”

The official name of the new Theme Builder wasn’t actually released today, but feel free to see for yourself! It appears to be “Thrive Engineer.” Something we could not confirm on Thrive’s own website or anywhere else before today! Watch the video below closely and you’ll see it there in black and white.

Thrive Themes posted this video on their blog today. Watch here, as Shane Melaugh gives us the first look at their upcoming Theme Builder in this video.

Thrive touts it’s new editor as similar to their very popular page builder, Thrive Architect, so that users won’t have to learn different interfaces.

According to Melaugh:

“The end goal in what we’re building is to bring instant, truly visual front end editing to your whole website. To start, you’ll be able to customize your page templates and dynamic content. We will then add custom post types and support for popular plugins like WooCommerce.”

Also from the Thrive Themes article:

The kind of visual customization we’re building is powerful on two levels:

1.  For advanced users, it means you can be fully creative and build anything you want.

2.  For beginner users, it’s very simple. You don’t have to dig through menus. If you want to change what something looks like, you just open the editor, click on the thing you want to change and make some edits.

That’s the beauty of true front end editing.

The Difference Between Thrive Architect and Thrive Engineer

Thrive claims that both editors offer front-end, visual, instant editing. As you can see in the video, all changes made to your theme are instantly live on the rest of your site. Theme modifications are much easier and made in real time.

Thrive Architect is a Page Builder. The changes you make affect what is on that page alone.

Interested in Becoming a Beta Tester?

Thrive Themes says they have been hard at work creating this new product and this beta-version release at the end of July will be the first usable version to testers.

Thrive is making the beta version available to Thrive Themes Members only! If you’re a Thrive Themes member, and you’d like to get your hands on this new gem…go ahead and apply here!

Apply Here

As of today, Thrive Themes doesn’t have a release date for a stable beta version but Thrive enthusiasts are seemingly happy and this latest announcement!


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