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How to Get Customer Reviews and Improve Ranking

UPDATED 6/21/18: Getting good Customer Reviews is getting more and more important each day.  It’s so important to be getting many online reviews for your business. Google loves to see that you’re generating buzz with your customers and that people are engaged with you. This engagement is what creates your brand.

Google really is a popularity contest. And customer reviews tell Google just how popular you are. Customer Reviews are just one of the major Search Ranking Factors.

Think of this from Google’s perspective. They want to put the most helpful, relevant information first. If someone is searching for a particular type of business, they want you to find the most popular one, with the best reputation, first. After all, their reviews must be good for a reason. Google believes if many others like them, you will too. Therefore, rankings count. The question is, just how much do they count?

What Good Customer Reviews Do for Your Business

Online reviews do more than just make you look good:

  • A large number of positive reviews will help rank you at the top of the Google’s Map Pack. You’ll notice every business in this search result will show a display of how many rankings they’ve gotten.
  • Google is paying attention.
  • It should go without saying that the better the reviews, the more people are going to click through to your page.
  • Lower ranking businesses will naturally get fewer clicks.
  • Good reviews simply mean more business for you.

Google doesn’t expect you to be perfect. And neither do consumers. So as long as you are getting more 5’s and 4’s than anything else, you’re going to be attracting more customers.

Final Thoughts

High customer rankings will do more for you than just get you ranked higher in Google. You will naturally attract more customers and increase your bottom line. Now naturally, not all businesses are created equally. Restaurants get reviews far more often than landscapers. But when you’re a landscaper and Google sees that you’re engaging your customers more than the average competitor, you’ll win. And finally, before you think that you can just call up your friends and have them all give you fake ratings and reviews, think again. Google is smart. Solicit honest and frequent reviews from real customers. You’ll be glad you did.

If you have questions about how we help get better online reviews for you, see our Online Review Process and then Contact Us to help you with your Reputation Management!

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